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Kamron and Ash Batman


It started before my 4th birthday, when I asked for a computer. My love of electronics, hardware, peripherals, software and technology became an important part of my life ever since. My brother, Kamron, grew up to be a computer geek too. We fed off of each other. Always looking for the newest, latest process, software and equipment. We took apart toys and household electronics in order to “fix” them. Our mother was always supportive.

It’s no wonder we work in the IT industry.  We both started out at Best Buy, I worked in the Best Buy for Business Department. Kamron was an actual Geek Squadder! Our whole lives have revolved around technology. Watching developments of new technology unfold, and becoming an expert on it before others even knew it existed. We integrate technology into every aspect of our lives. We like to impress our friends too.

With ample support and help of friends and family, who are all very talented, we were able to see that we could do more. Not only for ourselves but all of us together. We had an idea to fulfill a need in a way it hasn’t been fulfilled before. IT, for most is a hassle, and just a necessary part of business ownership.  I can’t count how many times I’ve heard a business owner say they hate (that’s a strong word) their computer. Our goal DREAM is to enlighten people on the wonderful world of technology and really show them how much potential they have. We desire success for everybody. Not just ourselves.  Our team of family and friends that are family, are all committed experts to help fulfill your dreams as well.

We started HALO Managed Technology Solutions recognizing that many small to medium sized businesses are in desperate need of reliable IT managed services. Most think it’s too expensive to upgrade or hire outside help.  Additionally they think that they couldn’t have access to enterprise grade solutions because they’re just too small. Well, they’re wrong. They risk their precious business files, back-up system and their bottom line, either by managing it themselves or hiring under qualified individuals. Over the years we have developed SOP’s, tools, and proprietary software that can be attained by any size business owner. All of this helps us seamlessly conduct upgrades, migrations and a client’s day to day IT services management. We give our clients peace of mind, access to enterprise level solutions, and act as their own in house IT department making the business successful with technology.  Most importantly, helping them fulfill their dreams and they have fulfilled ours.